About MassEnergize

We face a climate emergency that demands action to mitigate and adapt to climate change by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing local resilience.

Our neighbors can and indeed want to reduce their greenhouse gas impacts, but need help taking action. Who has the time to research strong actions, reliable service providers, and what their impact truly is? We do.

We also believe that local leaders can engage their communities, but need better tools like fully customizable web platforms and strategies for outreach, networking and empowerment. Most groups just don’t have the bandwidth. But we do.

By energizing local action, MassEnergize seeks to have a deep and comprehensive impact statewide because, after all, the local is everywhere, and everyone can do something.

  • Are you a resident, business owner, or non-profit seeking to act? Find out if yours is a MassEnergize community here. If it’s not, let us know!
  • Are you a community organizer interested in how we may help? Check out our tools.
  • Are you a service provider interested in our approach? Let us know.


Wayland Households Taking Climate Action


Household Taking Actions Across Our Communities


Home Solar Systems in Wayland and Concord


Electric Cars in Wayland and Concord

Join Us

Together we can make a difference

To provide communities with the tools and resources to motivate and support their residents, businesses and non-profits in a wide array of actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for a changing climate.

  • We leverage the collective expertise, experience and buying power of towns, cities and local organizations by collaborating with them on tools, strategies, resources, and partnerships with service or product providers. 
  • We help communities reach local residents, business and non-profits in a “neighbor-to-neighbor” manner, through education, coaching, social networking and eliminating barriers to action.
  • We help communities connect with a wide range of greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies, services, products, and contractors. 
  • We set attainable and ambitious goals and track each community’s impact to build momentum, measure success, and inform future work.
  • We promote new models and strategies with decision makers.

We are currently piloting tools in Wayland and Concord Massachusetts.

If you are interested in collaborating and using our collective tools contact us at info@massenergize.org

Our Team

Our dedicated leadership team is supported by swarms of local volunteers all eager to address our climate crisis.

Our Partners