Mass Energize is excited to partner with Black Earth Compost, which provides a home curbside pickup service for food scrap composting.

Incredibly, over 51% of the trash that goes to landfills is compostable. In the US, we trash roughly 60 millions tons of food each year, not only wasting valuable resources (food, and organic fertilizer) but also contributing to methane, a gas with a warming potential roughly 21 times that of carbon dioxide. We’re putting a stop to that, household by household, town by town!

The first pickup will be on November 7. Residents can sign up any time on the Black Earth website.

The starting price is $99.99 for 6 months (that comes to only $3.85 per pickup). When 300 subscribers sign up, the price will go down to $69.99, and at 600 signups it will only be $49.99. Residents get their food scraps returned in compost form in the Spring.

You’d be surprised at what all you can throw in the bin: the usual vegetables and fruits as well the pizza boxes, bones, napkins, cheese, lobster shells, grease and oil, food-stained newspaper, napkins and
paper towels, and more. Here’s the full list.

Here’s a three-minute video on the hows and whats and whys. They make it super easy:
1. Line your 13 gallon animal proof curbside bin (provided by BEC) with compostable bags (that they provide) and fill it.
2. Black Earth swings by once a week and empties your bin. They’ll also drop off compostable bags ordered through your customer login.
3. Get Compost in the Spring! You will receive a voucher for a bag of finished compost, redeemable at participating Garden Centers or you can donate your compost to Backyard Growers.

Businesses like restaurants, schools, and assisted living can use this service too: email us and we’ll put you in touch for exceptional commercial organics pickup.

copyright Leah LaRiccia – used with permission