Interactive Websites

Are you working in your community to help people take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for changing climate? Then you need a customizable, interactive website that offers your community members a wide array of impactful actions, recommendations for service providers, testimonials from neighbors, and local event announcements. You also want to motivate them by showing them the impact of their actions on their personal footprint and on the community’s goal.

MassEnergize has created a platform that makes it easy to set up a customized, interactive website for your community. We set up a site in our platform and provide guidance on customizing the site (the way it looks, the actions it offers) for your community. Once set up, the site allows any community member to create a profile with a to-do list and a list of completed actions, and shows them the real impact of their actions.

The platform includes a user-friendly interface for community organizers that allows them to set and track goals, upload local actions and events, analyze other metrics, and reach subscribers.

How much does it cost? Find our current fee structure here.

Check out communities that have websites based on our platform, or create a profile on the MassEnergize Demo site.