Our Services and Tools

Collaborating across communities, we create tools that support local action and help communities reach their goals.


Why reinvent the wheel each time you plan a campaign, organize a presentation, movie screening or festival? Heat pump campaigns, solar campaigns, food waste campaigns… it’s been done before, and we love to share lessons learned! Our playbooks showcase the knowledge of all the organizers in our network in a living and learning document. 

Community Connections

Even the weathered community organizer can learn new tricks and up their game. MassEnergize enables a powerful network to share well-documented, local examples of things that work, advice on goal-setting, and best practices related to software, vetting service providers, and partnership agreements. That’s just for starters.

Web Platform

Customize it to fit your community! Fun and interactive, the platform showcases local climate actions, partners and contractors, events and testimonials. Users create a profile with a to-do list, completed actions, and see the real impact they are making. The friendly interface allows the community organizer to set and track goals, upload local actions and events, analyze other metrics, and reach subscribers.

Check out some screenshots here, or visit an active community here, or create a profile on Just a Test Site.

Collaborative Programs

There are many organizations doing great work on many aspects of community building, and we like to collaborate with them. These are flexible partnerships that work for all. Some we refer our organizers to, some we even take under our wing. MassEnergize also has non-exclusive preferred partnership agreements with service providers and vendors.  Find out more here.